The Speed Equity® System

is an entirely revolutionary, accelerated mortgage reduction system unlike anything seen in this country. It completely outperforms the bi-weekly mortgage plan.

Quite simply, the Speed Equity® System helps you take full advantage of a little known Key Banking Principle that lenders don’t tell you about. And that is that the interest on your home loan is calculated on the daily principal balance. By keeping the daily balance of your mortgage as low as possible you pay less interest. Consequently more of your payments then go toward reducing your loan’s balance rather than being consumed by the interest.

The Powerful Software Engine That Makes It Work

Harj Gill’s proprietary Speed Equity® Software Program is the engine behind the System that makes it come to life for you. It shows you how to use your existing income and financial resources to slash years off your mortgage and save tens of thousands of dollars in interest – WITHOUT having to refinance your existing home loan.

Like most people, you probably have a checking account into which you deposit your income and from which you take out money for living expenses. For this privilege you are paid 0% to 1.5% interest on your funds – AND – are charged interest on your mortgage at the full rate of up to 6% or more. Meanwhile lenders take YOUR money from your checking account and loan it out to other borrowers at interest rates as high as 18%.

The Speed Equity® Software program shows you how to completely reverse this situation by taking away this historical financial advantage from your lender. The results from the Software Program show how instead of having your money sitting in your checking account, you can “park” that money in your mortgage, thereby reducing the daily balance and reducing the amount of interest you pay.

In brief the Speed Equity® Software is the most innovative and revolutionary personal financial management and mortgage reduction software program in existence today. When it is setup and managed properly it can slash years off your home loan and save you tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in interest.