Having the benefit of wisdom, I’m still glad I had the experience while I didn’t, or better, especially while I didn’t?

jeevanbezosOnce upon a time, an Art School student was drafted into the technology side of the dot-com bonanza.  If I wasn’t so fond and encouraging of everyone I worked with, I’d probably be apologetic for the big head it gave me in those days, but I was younger and knew everything and was always right (ha!).  Definately a whole lot of fun took place in those days.

Wave Networks L.L.C.

webserverA long while I decided to become a programmer simply because I was tired of waiting for others to do it.  Since then it’s been a constant journey deciding what to create next.  My friend Kris and I created Wave Networks, to host our projects on our own infrastructure and then we decided to pay for it by providing that advanced platform as a business to our hosting customers.

What am I doing now?

Currently I’m involved with several clients, plus working on my own pet projects.  One I’m very exited about is re-establishing WaveNetworks as a professional services company as well as a hosting provider under WaveNetworks/pro.  This service will serve as a platform to streamline the development process with all our clients.  We are leveraging wordpress and a unique design concept  I’ll be unveiling under the domain subtheme.com that will allow more talented artists (and myself) to create powerful wordpress themes.  WordPress is the way to go for any business who is moving with the new media of these times. 

Also look out for a beta of one of my pet projects, it will change the way people work together forever.  I’m hoping to get a beta going, write a book to debut the concept and watching the carnage.