Top 10 Reasons to get a Phoenix Rising School PR CARD

Posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

So I hadn’t looked at the participating vendors in a while and what I saw was awesome.  The PR card that supports The Phoenix Rising School costs $100 for one year, here is how you can make it pay out big why learning about “what is marketing automation.

#1 Has to be propane, If you live in the yelm area you can call FerrellGas (Chehalis and Lacey), if you fill 300 gallons in a year you get 30 gallons FREE, 800 gets 80 gallons free, that’s $68 right there.  If you live in the woods and have that 500-1000 tank you know you fill up big time.

#2 10% off at Walt’s Tires, have you had to replace your tires lately, if you replace all four on a truck like mine 10% can save you close to $100 easily.

#3 Same as above for car repair, both JK Autoworks, Inc. and Brogan Auto Repair offer 10% off

#4 If you have anyone who uses health and beauty,  Seems like a ton of Salon’s, Spa’s, Laser clinics etc all offering 10%.

#5  My favorite, La Gitana, Flanagans Apple (food only) and Kinja along with others offer 10%, my kinja bill is always $80, I’d save $8 each trip.

#6 10% off cookies at main street cookie company, sounds interesting.

#7 10% off yelm car wash, I know enough people with dirty cars could use this once a month.

#8 Free bowling, get one game free, every time you go to Yelm Prarie Lanes.

#9 Have a pet, Northwind Veterinary Clinic in tenino offers 10% off.

#10 Support a school for children that is changing the future of this community and needs your support (priceless).

If you want to get a card here is the link


So, 1 auto repair could pay for itself, or filling up a propane tank + a few dinners out.  Perhaps a lumber or appliance purchase for that “project” of yours.

And I do know there are more vendors, (hint coffee) that are asking to join the list.  If you contact them ask them if you can join the monthly giving program and get one once you get to $100.  And if you know a Parent with a child at PRS make sure to specify who so they can get credit to their POWER fund contribution.


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