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Posted on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Some of you may know by talking with me that I started investing on a site called lendingclub.com, if you don’t know about peer to peer lending, it’s a way for people to take on the role of the banks by allowing people to borrow and lend from an ever growing community at great interest rates.  The main difference is that the peers investing recieve the interest not the banks.

Anyway a few months ago I made a deposit and bought my first notes to try it out and helped fund two home remodels both of which had excellent credit and income was verified by lendingclub.  And so far it’s working great, and if you ever read the Richest Man in Babylon, this tool will allow you to take on the role of the money lender that really hasn’t been available to the common folk for a long time without great risk.

Anyway, they just sent out an email to me saying anyone that registers and uses my referral id IslePrince when signing up will recieve a credit for $50.  So I say if you are even remotely interested do it by the 15th of august and invest the $50 they give you and see how it works.

I’m pasting the email they sent below

Dear Jeevan,

Since January 1, 2009 more than 11,000 new investors have joined Lending Club. That 122% increase brings the current size of our investor community to over 20,000 investors! 

To thank you for being an innovator in one of the fastest growing asset classes, when you invite your friends to join us as an investor,  we will instantly credit their account with $50 to start investing with Lending Club   This is great way for your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers to try Lending Club for themselves.  

While it’s no secret to you, it may just be the hot investing tip your friends are looking for: Lending Club notes average 9.6% net annualized returns. Lending Club notes offered by prospectus registered with the SEC.

There are two ways to invite your friends to join Lending Club and have them receive $50 to invest: 

  • When registering online, tell your friends to type in your personal Referred by code when registering: IslePrince 
  • OR use this link to automatically upload a list of email addresses (all information is kept strictly private) and automatically send your friends a personal note: https://www.lendingclub.com/invite/invite.action

This is a limited time offer, so please have your friends register as investor prior to August 15th to ensure they receive $50 to invest in Lending Club notes.

The Lending Club Team
Lending Club: One of the Top 20 Breakthrough ideas for 2009 – Harvard Business Review

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