My Yoga Swami Book has Resurfaced

Posted on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

I found this book my parents had about my past religions guru’s guru, actually the guru of my grandparents and was amazed about how his teachings was not the same as what has been past down to the next generations and was more in line with my current way of thinking. A few weeks later the book was gone and I couldn’t find it anywhere, and now it’s back. The book is “The Words of Our Master”, and it’s actually available online in full form if you search for it, but reading some of it again I think it’s funny that I can quote him talking about both Jesus and Buddha as great teachers, something people who belong in some Hindu religions would find offensive. Or the clear representation that the version of hinduism Yoga Swami tought should not be identified as a religion at all, and true students of teachers like Yoga Swami would not identify their search as being in a religion in spite of having everything to do with god.

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